We are pioneering the usage of Internet to enhance science and engineering
education in India. We have unique practical learning solutions like robotics lab and trainings aims to
create a revolutionary technology culture in India by bringing creativity, fun and practical knowledge in

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Our mission is to provide world-class tutoring and high-quality content to students around the world. Edublis is the premier online destination for affordable education- anytime, anywhere and in any subject. Students can access our service from the convenience of their home or school.

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Miroslav Kostecki
Technical Director
STEMSEL Foundation Australia

Dominic McNamara
Electronics Engineer
STEMSEL Foundation Australia

Sona Davis Chakkoria
STEMSEL Instructor
STEMSEL Foundation India

Jeffin Joy
ITI Electronics
STEMSEL Foundation India

Vincy Nelson
MBA Hospita Management
STEMSEL Foundation India

Anagha Mohan K
STEMSEL Instructor
STEMSEL Foundation India

Feby V Kuruthukulangara
STEMSEL Instructor
STEMSEL Foundation India